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The simplest rule of marketing has always been:
   People do business with people they like—and people who are like them!   
Although the above concept is simple, the hard part has always been scalability. How do you get everyone to like you and relate to you—especially when if you sell boring "crap." Although you may be passionate about what you sell, your customer definitely isn’t. The key to putting your business on your customers’ radar is to stop trying to move your customers into your world and to move your company into theirs!
This is what our ‘Helping Out Locally’ program does. By stoking competition between three charities Helping Out Locally positions your company as a champion of your customer's favorite cause.

Think of it this way. If you could get a couple thousand of your neighbors to go to your website 2-3 times within a two-month period, what are the odds they’ll remember you when they’re next looking for service? If that’s not enough, (thanks to your website now being in their Google history), there’s a very good chance you’ll be on the first page of their search results for any services you offer for the next six months—even in a highly competitive market!

Other benefits to our Helping out Locally program include:

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