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Industry Links

Industry Links

Kool Kap
Kool Kap is the world's only permanent, protective air conditioning cover. No other cover can protect your expensive air conditioner while it's operating. A Kool Kap protects your air conditioner all year long and never needs to be removed.
Your Crawlspace
A breakthrough innovation for the foundation of every home. No mechanical fasteners or special adhesives needed. Our patented vapor barrier system enables fast, flawless installation for permanent home protection.
Nearby Now
Nearby Now is a Reputation Marketing and Online Reputation Development tool. It enables active reviews, solicitation/proliferation and dynamic service summary check in which helps your business capture the goodwill of your current clients and leverages them to generate future leads. The dynamic review and keyword-rich summary content can then be used on your PagePilot website to yield huge SEO gains. This is the new best practice for local service businesses redefined.
Stochastic Marketing
The word “Stochastic” (pronounced stow-KAS–tik) is derived from the Greek word “stochastikos”, or “skilled at aiming”. This word describes our approach to helping contractors focus on patterns in their marketing that lead to greater profits.
Midwest & Rocky Mountain Trane Dealers
This site will help connect you with certified Trane dealers in the U.S. North Central Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. You can learn about Trane products at this site and can help locate a qualified dealer to help determine the best model for your needs and budget.
American Standard
American Standard dealers in the U.S. North Central Midwest, Utah and most of southern Idaho can be located through this site. Site visitors can learn about American Standard products, learn how to evaluate systems and save money, and can locate a qualified American Standard dealer to replace or repair their heating, cooling and air quality equipment.
Women in HVACR
Women in HVACR exists to improve the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry.
Service Roundtable
Formed by leading contractors, the Service Roundtable offers an incredible array of HVAC, Electrical, Solar and Plumbing best practice tools to help you generate leads, close more sales, market your company, recruit technicians and plumbers, price for profit, manage your service agreements and create an exit strategy.