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2015 Consumer Survey

2015 Consumer Survey

Presented by Contr@ctor's Online-Access
Initial screening question:
Have you had a Heating or Cooling contractor in your home within the last year?
If the consumer's answer was yes, this follow-up question was asked:
How did you first learn about the contractor you used?
  • Recommendation / Word-of-Mouth
  • Internet
  • Yellow Pages
  • Postal mail
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Television
Additional Notes:
  1. Question #1 was posed to 4,379 Consumers of which 1,037 had utilized an HVAC contractor within the last year.
  2. Answers were randomly ordered for every Participant.

Question #1 Response
Question #2 Response
Word of Mouth   |   Internet   |   Yellow Pages   |   Postal Mail   |   Television   |   Radio   |   Newspaper
*For a better understanding of these numbers go to our Comfortech presentation (starts at 15:45)
"The Myths, Magic and Misrepresentations in Internet Marketing Today"