Social Media Signup

Online-Access Social Media Management Program

Social networking has become a seemingly unavoidable part of everyday life. Naturally, Facebook has become a staple in most of your customers' lives, making it necessary as a business to have a Facebook presence to engage with your customer socially. Facebook reviews are now making an appearance on Google search, which is no surprise, since Facebook is probably the only online review platform next to Google that a majority of your customers are already logging into weekly, if not daily or hourly. Our social media management program was created to provide consistent interaction, posting, and reputation management in both your Facebook and Google+ pages to maintain ongoing customer top-of-mind awareness.
Every day of the week, our team will provide Facebook postings and maintain other social media aspects. Our postings will be a variety of the following:
  • Industry-Related Facts and Tips
  • Industry-Related Articles
  • Community Articles (Local Weather, Events, Sports Teams, Charities, etc. that you support)
  • Humorous, Industry-Related Posts (Memes)
  • Seasonal and Holiday Posts (Memes, Articles, Videos)
  • Custom Company Branded Banners and Graphics
  • Online Review Monitoring