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Stop losing leads by not having someone available 24/7!
These chat agents are familiar with your business practices and the services you offer!

Live Chat with ScheduleConnect helps you deliver greater value to your customers and get more of them in the process. The chat system is monitored at all hours by highly trained chat representatives, and you may field chats as well when you're available. Furthermore, it has been designed to work with companies of any size. Its flexibility makes it fit you, rather than the other way around like most chat systems do.

ScheduleConnect is our proprietary system which lets you capture next day work that comes in after normal business hours. Simply update how many appointments you'd be able to take on for the next day and then let us fill in what we can! Plus, you can set 'override' options that are guaranteed to put your techs into more prime selling opportunities. With your permission, we will always accept service calls the next day
for requests where the furnace is over 18 years old, or an AC unit over 10—even if your schedule is full. This way, we can lock in those prime selling opportunities for you before they go anywhere else!

Our pricing is extremely affordable as well, at only $18 per qualified chat ($15 for our Live customers!) a one-time $100 startup cost, and no fixed recurring monthly costs. Compare that to the industry norm of $20-$25 per chat, a $200-$350 startup fee, as well as an additional cost up to $100 per month if you want to monitor or 'jump in' and chat with the customer yourself, and you'll see that we're, by far, the best value for your buck. Better yet, compared to the industry norm of paying anywhere from $350-$500 to acquire a new customer, it's a no-brainer! Unlike any other chat service, we also fully back our Live Chat with a 90-day money-back guarantee and no long term contracts!
Why do I need this?

Accessibility. Not only do you meet customers in their comfort zone to assist them around the clock, but you also allow them to request appointments for the following day.

Leads. Compared to the typical costs of acquiring a new customer, $18/$15 per lead is incredibly low cost. ScheduleConnect helps you tap the revenue potential of the website into which you've invested so much effort.

Customer Satisfaction. Engaging with customers 24/7 shows you are there to provide them the best service possible, whenever and wherever they need it. Demonstrate your commitment to get their needs met quickly.

Commitment. Be more accessible to customers without having to give up your time at home. Stop worrying about losing customers to competitors by not being available after-hours!

Innovation. Offering the opportunity to chat with someone around the clock communicates to your prospects that you're on the cutting edge of technology.

Tom Dearden
Marketing Director – Just Right Air
Salt Lake City UT
24/  7 Chat Service
Only $15
per qualifying chat

for Live Customers!
90-day money-back guarantee!

What's a "qualifying chat"?

Did you know?...
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What is "ScheduleConnect"?

ScheduleConnect is a component of Live Chat designed to help you get more business lined up for the next work day. At the end of the day, simply update the easy-to-use interface with the number of additional service calls or installations you would be able to schedule the next day. When the Chat Agents speak with your customers, they don't commit you to a particular time - but they do assure a place in your schedule the next day, giving your customers peace of mind. You can customize ScheduleConnect to your preferences as well, taking into account your customers' equipment age, for example. ScheduleConnect can even be utilized by your Answering Service without having to directly interface with your office's scheduling software!


Live Chat can be customized to fit your business size and preferences. Take a look at what it has to offer.
Chat monitoring allows you the ability to participate in 'real time' if you wish, when you wish - it's your choice.
1 Monitoring Seat is included - Should you want more, each additional seat is $50 per month.

You can choose to take advantage of ANY or ALL of the following options:
ScheduleConnect tm
Update your availability easily and let your chat agents pencil-in appointments after-hours for you.
Tap Into Chats
Watch chat agents and tap-in seamlessly when you want to talk with your customers directly.
Completely Hands-off
Allow the chat agents to handle it all — then they share the client's information with you!
Control During Business Hours
You handle all the chats during your business hours, then your chat agents take over after-hours.

Backed fully by our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and no long-term contracts!
Small, one-time start-up cost of $100.

Don't just take our word for it - See what some of our customers have to say!

We recently implemented chat on our website using Online Access and we couldn't be happier with the results. It gives our customers a new way to contact us in a format which is comfortable for them, which is great and our conversion rate for the chat's is off the charts. We're converting at least 90% of chats into appointments. And even when they don't convert, this is a great way to provide information to customers who just need a quick question answered - takes a load off the CSRs. We highly recommend Chat from Online Access to anyone except for our competitors of course... They should stay away.
— Tom Dearden
Just Right Air
With everybody being so busy today, we wanted to add another convenient way for customers to reach us. Live Chat has helped more new customers reach out to us, with little risk on our end, allowing us to earn their business. Last week, I even sold a $12,000 job that came from a website chat! Online Access was able to bring us a system that was extremely easy for us to implement and took very little of my time.
— Corey Hickmann
Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling
Regarding their first month on Chat: I totaled up how much money the chat has brought in and we still have multiple calls on the schedule, but we have made $13,295 from the chat!!! One of them turned into a system replacement! I wanted to share the excitement!
— Chuck Grantham
Rudroff Heating & Air Conditioning

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