2019 Tech Compensation Survey Results

2019 HVACR Technician Compensation Survey

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August 20, 2019
Last week, we sent out a survey to contractors across North America looking to get a feel for how much HVACR technician pay has been increasing in the last year due to the shortage of techs. As of Monday, we had just over 100 contractors sound in on whether they've had to increase pay to prospective or existing techs and, if so, by what percent. All responses were anonymous. Comments that were volunteered ranged from exasperation to valuable insights and ideas.

While only a small sampling, this survey confirmed our sense that last year's Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Department of Labor) median wage figures are, indeed, already signifcantly outdated when it comes to HVAC technician compensation.

Below are the Results of the Survey:

hvacr technician compensation
HVACR Technician Compensation Survey HVACR Technician Compensation Survey HVACR Technician Compensation Survey
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