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Kool Kap
Kool Kap is the world's only permanent, protective air conditioning cover. No other cover can protect your expensive air conditioner while it's operating. A Kool Kap protects your air conditioner all year long and never needs to be removed.


Lemonseed Marketing
Bright and fresh like a “lemon,” committed to taking a “seed” and cultivating growth to make companies flourish, and “marketing,” because, well, that’s just what we do! And we’re really good at it. But we like to let the results do all the talking for us.
Stochastic Marketing
Stochastic Marketing helps residential HVAC and plumbing contractors sell and market more efficiently and effectively by using your invoice data to identify prospects who are 300 – 400 times more likely to buy from you than 85% of the homeowners exposed to your advertising.
The New Flat Rate
The New Flat Rate is the #1 Pricing System providing Menu’s for HVAC, Plumbing flat rate and Electrical flat rate service companies that take the pressure off the technicians and automatically do the selling. With 5 options for every service call, customers choose the level of service they want with no sales resistance, resulting in higher average service tickets, technician consistency and increased referrals.
Company Cam
Luke decided to make a solution “himself” so he hired a local software company. Together they created the first version of CompanyCam, but that was only the beginning. Since then we’ve grown, changed, and adapted to stay ahead of our users’ trades. We embrace change and improvement, and we continue to add new features and integrations.
Schedule Engine
Schedule Engine was created to solve this problem. It's designed to make life easier for contractors, large & small, and create delightful experiences for their customers. Period.
This site will help connect you with certified Trane dealers in the U.S. North Central Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. You can learn about Trane products at this site and can help locate a qualified dealer to help determine the best model for your needs and budget.
American Standard
American Standard dealers in the U.S. North Central Midwest, Utah and most of southern Idaho can be located through this site. Site visitors can learn about American Standard products, learn how to evaluate systems and save money, and can locate a qualified American Standard dealer to replace or repair their heating, cooling and air quality equipment.
Women in HVACR
Women in HVACR exists to improve the lives of our members by providing professional avenues to connect with other women growing their careers in the HVACR industry.
Joseph Groh Foundation
Along with providing a variety of information, this foundation financially assists those with links to the construction trades industry who are living with life altering disabilities. This funding has ranged from wheelchair vans to home/bath remodels and more. The founder of this organization spent 35 years in the HVAC industry, prior to being injured in a bicycle accident that left him a quadriplegic.
Service Roundtable
Formed by leading contractors, the Service Roundtable offers an incredible array of HVAC, Electrical, Solar and Plumbing best practice tools to help you generate leads, close more sales, market your company, recruit technicians and plumbers, price for profit, manage your service agreements and create an exit strategy.
South East Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association - SEMIACCA
The South East Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association, or SEMIACCA, serves members in Southeast Michigan with trainings, events and up to date information about our profession. We have many resources and a great network of contractor and associate members.
EGIA serves a rapidly-growing network of HVAC, Insulation, Windows, Solar and Geothermal contractors, regional distributors, product manufacturers and other trade allies delivering unparalleled business solutions that include: world-class business education & training, customer financing solutions, product & service discounts, groundbreaking industry trend research and more.
Air Conditioning Contractors of America
Serving more than 3,000 HVACR business members, and thousands of individuals, ACCA membership provides networking, education, and advocacy services that support the business development interests of our members while championing the national health of the HVACR industry.
National Comfort Institute
What is NCI?
National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) is an organization that provides heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical contractors with a focused offering of services and tools to help them improve their businesses, differentiate themselves, grow, and become more profitable. NCI accomplishes this through membership groups and by providing unique business management, sales, marketing and technical tools, training, support and coaching - all designed with the goal of helping HVAC professionals to differentiate their companies through measured performance, quality and value.

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