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The Joseph S Groh Foundation assists those in the contracting and construction trades industry who are living with life altering disabilities. Founded in 2009, the 501©(3) foundation mission is threefold. First, the foundation provides extensive information for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers through the website links page. Second, the foundation provides financial assistance for those connected to the contracting and construction trades industry who are living with life altering disabilities; and third, the foundation advocates for pathways to affordable short/long-term disability insurance for employees of small businesses in the contracting and construction trades industry.

The Joseph Groh Foundation

Since inception, the foundation has helped more than 80 individuals and their families in 32 states become more independent, more productive and live with greater dignity by focusing on items not covered by insurance. The foundation has provided wheelchair accessible vans, home and bath remodels and rehabilitative and assistive technology equipment totaling $850,000 to individuals in the HVAC, general contracting, plumbing, roofing, and electrical industries as of March, 2022.

The Joseph S Groh Foundation is working with those living with a life altering disability who are connected to the contracting and construction trades industry. Our website contains 170 links to websites which provide a wide variety of information for spinal cord patients. There links ranging across 13 platforms of information, from federal sites to research sites to rehabilitation facility sites, durable medical equipment provider sites, transportation equipment sites, social networking sites and more. It even contains a state-by-state listing of Department of Rehabilitation capabilities for each state! In addition to providing a wide variety of information, this foundation financially assists those with links to the contracting and construction trades industry who are living with life altering disabilities. This funding has ranged from wheelchair vans to home/bath remodels and more. The founder of this organization spent 35 years in the HVAC industry, prior to being injured in a bicycle accident that left him a quadriplegic.

The Joseph S Groh Foundation

Book written by Joseph S Groh

Regularly sends out a newsletter with information regarding foundation events and fundraisers, healthcare news affecting the disabled, and feature articles about people you should know and another entitled, "A Day in the Life." You can sign up on the homepage to receive these newsletters. The website also features a link to the foundation Facebook page where interested parties can network. The JSG foundation is located in Dallas-Fort Worth and holds an annual golf tournament there every spring, along with others in Chicago and Minneapolis. Their website contains information about receiving assistance, accessing short/long-term disability/life insurance, and of course various ways to contribute to the foundation. Please feel free to forward this document to anyone you know who may have needs or interests in the area of disability within the contracting and construction trades industry.

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