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Custom HVAC and Contractor Content

A lot of our competitors build content writing into their base pricing. You often only retain the rights to it until you leave. This is often one reason for the stark difference between our package cost. At Online Access, however, we choose not to do this. Instead, we offer content on an as-needed basis.

This is because we don’t believe in crafting blogs or regular content for its own sake. It needs to have a purpose in your market. This is often something blogs lack. While this content can help you rank better for more generalized terms, its effectiveness in local areas is often limited (except for case studies). When you order from us, you get:

  • Complete ownership of your content
  • Seamless content installation and optimization
  • Two rounds of editing
  • Upfront pricing with zero surprises
  • Content performance tracking and complementary updates
  • Specialist writers with experience in HVAC and contractor content

If you have questions about how our content works, reach out to us at (810) 985-6603. We’ll be happy to assist you with a plan. Our current content pricing is found below.

**Note that content is only available to current website subscribers**
Content Type PriceContent Description
Content Optimization $150/hr If you have a marketer writing content that needs to be proofed, or are bringing content with you, we do charge a nominal fee. Initial content optimization of provided content is one-third the cost of that original page type. Please note that there are cases where this is not necessary, or it'd be better to just start from scratch.
Service Page $350*This page focuses on one particular service your company offers. While we have most of the main service types, we don't always have a page for more specialized, niche services. These are typically between 800 and 1200 words.
City Page $300This type of page is pretty much required to rank in competitive markets. It goes over the target city in detail, interweaving information about your services alongside of it. They typically end with a call to action. Our typical city page will be between 600 and 1000 words.
Full Case Study $350While blogs don't work super well in our vertical, case studies do. In this type of content, we'll outline a job you recently completed. It'll discuss things like what prompted the customer to call and how they benefitted from using your services. They'll be chock full of keywords and associated images. This case study is larger and sits at a length of between 800 and 1200 words.
Slim Case Study $275If you just want a quick and dirty case study, we can do that at a lower rate. These typically consist of less than 300 words of content. Much of it will be bulleted and summarized. They can work just as well if utilized properly, however.
Email $50Need some help writing an email campaign for your customer? Looking for a way to apologize for a big snafu? Then, you can consult with us. Note that this price is per email drafted and not per campaign.
Homepage $500Our typical site uses our library content. For niche sites, or those who want something better aligned to their brand, you'll want to go with custom content. We'll help you make your KPDs come through loud and clear. This usually includes between 500 and 1000 words of content. Since this is the tallest page on your site, it's the one with which we take the greatest care.
PPC Landing Page $150For ad campaigns, we're happy to write up a companion piece. This will include appropriate calls to action as well as associated content. We'll also work with you to ensure it aligns perfectly with the offer.
Other Custom QuoteWant help drafting an article for your newsletter? Want a brochure drafted? Feel a deep need for a blog? You can reach out to us at to request a custom quote.
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