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Learn More About Our New Add-On Nearby Now Voice Nearby Now is a Reputation Marketing and Online Reputation Development tool. It enables active reviews, solicitation/proliferation and dynamic service summary check in which helps your business capture the goodwill of your current clients and leverage them to generate future leads. The dynamic review and keyword-rich summary content can then be used on your PagePilot website to yield huge SEO gains. This is the new best practice for local service businesses redefined.
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Click on the video to watch a quick 15 -minute video explaining how the Nearby Now PagePilot add-on uses the calls you run every day and the customers you service to create the unique local content which search engines look for when indexing a site.

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Nearby Now Resources & Downloads

mp4 Format - Works best with pads, tablets and smart phones

Video Tutorials
Download Format
iPhone Set-Up & Use Guide
Android Phone Set-Up & Use Guide
How Surveys Work
Getting the Most SEO Value from a Check-In

Technician Handout - Introduces customer to review program, builds trust and explains need for tech to obtain email address or cell number for feedback purposes.

Technician Handout for Customers
Download Format
Microsoft Word Template Document
local reviews map

Nearby Now Phone App Requirements

Android 4.0 or later (as of 8/21/15)
2.1 MB
iOS 7.0 or later (as of 8/21/15)
5.2 MB
*Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.
*The app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Support Needed for your Nearby Now Setup

Type of Website
If you have a PagePilot website hosted by Online-Access, we can make the changes needed to bring your Nearby Now review pages into your site. You don't need to do anything.
If your site is based on the WordPress platform and your Nearby Now review pages are to be hosted within the site, click here to learn what we will need from you.
A one-time $99 start up fee applies to setting up Nearby Now in a Wordpress website.

Nearby Now Review Page Examples

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Nearby Now Review Page Example - hendrix heating and air conditioning
Nearby Now Review Page Example - accutemp heating and air conditioning, inc.

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