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Customer Texting


Texting helps you get new customers as well as easily converse with your existing customers without breaking the bank!

On Your Website

  • Use as a replacement for Chat or to complement it—for example, use Chat on Desktop and Texting on Mobile
  • The site widget gathers the site visitor's name, cell number and request.
  • They just hit 'Send' and it initiates a conversation between their cell phone and your dashboard.

...and for the Rest of the World!

  • Existing customers can easily and conveniently reach out to your office.
  • Remind them about upcoming appointments!
  • Send them offers, like, Schedule today to save $20 on your annual tune-up!
  • After-hours Autoresponders: Our office is currently closed. If you have an emergency please . . .


Up to 1,000 text messages per month


1,000-2,500 text messages per month
$99 One-Time Set Up Fee

Have Questions or Want to Get Started? Call us at (888) 966-4785!

What Users Say About Our Texting Platform:

An easy to use texting platform with economical pricing that makes it easier for our customers to communicate with us!

Becky Allen
Marketing Coordinator
Schaafsma Heating & Cooling

We have been looking to include Texting to better communicate with our customers. After weeks of Googling “texting for business”, I called Mitch at Online Access. I knew he would be able suggest and/or help me find the best texting platform for our business. I was very pleased to see that they partnered with Text Request! Mitch helped with sign up and set up of our dashboard. We have been using it to text Next Day Confirmations and Agreement Visit Reminders. There are tutorials and videos on how to utilize all of the features and if I was just not up for reading, I just simply emailed/called Mitch to help me with a question. We were also able to make our business line textable and the monthly investment is much more cost effective than most.

Clarissa Bonneru
Marketing Coordinator
Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
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