Customer Texting

customer texting

Texting helps you get new customers as well as easily converse with your existing customers without breaking the bank!

On Your Website

  • Use as a replacement for Chat or to complement it—for example, use Chat on Desktop and Texting on Mobile
  • The site widget gathers the site visitor's name, cell number and request.
  • They just hit 'Send' and it initiates a conversation between their cell phone and your dashboard.

...and for the Rest of the World!

  • Existing customers can easily and conveniently reach out to your office.
  • Remind them about upcoming appointments!
  • Send them offers, like, Schedule today to save $20 on your annual tune-up!
  • After-hours Autoresponders: Our office is currently closed. If you have an emergency please . . .


Up to 1,000 text messages per month


1,000-2,500 text messages per month
$99 One-Time Set Up Fee

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9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
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