Nearby Now in your WordPress Website

In order for Online-Access to set up and support Nearby Now in your WordPress website, we will need the following. If you are not running your WordPress site yourself, please copy and paste this information into an email to your webmaster.
___ Create a login and password for Online-Access to your WordPress site or provide us your own login if you wish. Please also provide login URL (ex: www.yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php)

___ Ensure that this login allows Admin Level permissions and also installation of the Nearby Now plugin for WordPress

___ Ensure that there is enough storage space to add city pages for all the cities in which your company works: 20 at least, and more if you have a large service radius or are in a concentrated metropolitan area

___ Ensure that no other plugin is running that is intended to influence page caching. This is extremely important because conflicting plugins can interfere with how these pages are normally cached

Online-Access will not use access to your site to make any changes other than plugging in and administrating your Nearby Now review pages. If you have questions about this request, please contact Colleen at 1-888-966-4785. Please send the WordPress login URL, login and password created for Online-Access in an email to ckeyworth@online-access.com and identify the website URL and company for which the login has been created.

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