Email Hosting

Domain-Based Email Hosting

All PagePilot website packages include email hosting. If you are an existing website subscriber who wants to start using Online-Access to host domain-based email, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-888-966-4785. We will be happy to assist in getting this set up and helping you make the transition.
For those who want Online-Access to host their email separate from their website and for PagePilot subscribers who require additional accounts or storage space, the below rates apply:
15 Email Account Base Package $39/month (includes 2GB per account or 30GB to be allocated as needed)
10 Email Account Expansion Package $19/month (includes 2GB per account or additional 20GB to be allocated as needed)
All email hosting includes Barracuda spam filtering and technical support. The above rates are for login accounts (requiring password to access mail) and unlimited number of forwarding or 'alias' accounts.