Nearby Now Voice

Nearby Now Voice

Easily Capture, Organize & Publish Customer Enthusiasm on Your Website

Testimonials and word-of-mouth advertising are invaluable when it comes to sales and gaining the trust of new customers. Even though written reviews are great, how valuable would it be if potential customers actually heard existing customers, in their own voice, rave about how good you are?!
Using Nearby Now Voice to help sell your company, products and services is easy. Imagine having a playlist for each employee in your company directory with happy customers praising their professionalism and skill... or a playlist for every major product you sell with multiple testimonials from customers who have already purchased the product which your potential customer is considering! This is exactly what Nearby Now Voice will do for your website.

Getting Customer Testimonials is as Easy as Making a Phone Call

There's nothing to invest in and little your employees have to do to capture a customer's actual voice when they are raving about your company, just speed dial Nearby Now Voice and hand the customer the phone. A voice message invites the customer to express their satisfaction with your company. Nearby Now Voice converts the message to an audio file you can listen to and that you can easily add to your website for others to hear.

Use Your Captured Customer Comments for Your On-Hold Messages

Many companies use the time a customer may be on hold to market to them. With Nearby Now Voice, testimonials can be downloaded from your Nearby Now dashboard, and then used with your message-on-hold playlist. Instead of you telling potential customers how great you are, it's so much better (and more believable) for them to hear previous customers ‘sing’ your praises while they wait on the phone.

Nearby Now Voice BONUS Feature!

As an added benefit for signing-up for Nearby Now Voice, you also get the ability to automatically send your clients to custom landing pages within your site. The page they are sent to is based on the overall ‘1 to 5’ star rating they gave you when you sent them a Nearby Now Review request. This way, you can send clients who love your work to a page with a special offer and get them to buy even more from you, or send them to a page asking them to call you if they gave you a lower overall rating.
To learn more about Nearby Now Voice, call Online-Access toll-free at 1-888-966-4785

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